Grammar Practice Worksheets

Grammar: Pronouns and Verbs

Choose different pronouns and nouns below and see how the sentence changes.

    Ich habb en buch.
    I have a book.

    Ich habb en hund.
    I have a dog.

    Ich habb en Bivvel.
    I have a Bible.

    Ich habb en breef.
    I have a letter.

    Du hosht en buch.
    You have a book.

    Du hosht en hund.
    You have a dog.

    Du hosht en Bivvel.
    You have a Bible.

    Du hosht en breef.
    You have a letter.

    Eah hott en buch.
    He has a book.

    Eah hott en hund.
    He has a dog.

    Eah hott en Bivvel.
    He has a Bible.

    Eah hott en breef.
    He has a letter.

    Miah henn en buch.
    We have a book.

    Miah henn en hund.
    We have a dog.

    Miah henn en Bivvel.
    We have a Bible.

    Miah henn en breef.
    We have a letter.

    Diah hend en buch.
    You all have a book.

    Diah hend en hund.
    You all have a dog.

    Diah hend en Bivvel.
    You all have a Bible.

    Diah hend en breef.
    You all have a letter.

    Si henn en buch.
    They have a book.

    Si henn en hund.
    They have a dog.

    Si henn en Bivvel.
    They have a Bible.

    Si henn en breef.
    They have a letter.