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Latest Pennsylvania Dutch Lesson Guides

  • Memorial Words
    Memorial (or ’S Ohdenkes) Words Here are a few common… Read more: Memorial Words
  • Meeting Parts Names
    The midweek meeting format was updated in January 2024. Here are the names of the sections and parts in Pennsylvania Dutch.
  • Time Words and Verb Order
    When a sentence starts with a time word or phrase, the first verb jumps in front of the subject.
  • missa nett and daufa nett
    How do you say that something ‘must not’ be done in Pennsylvania Dutch? It’s ‘missa nett’…, right? Actually, it’s ‘daufa nett’. Why?
  • patient and geduldich
    When do you use patient and geduldich in Pennsylvania Dutch? When would you use patience and geduld?
  • Figures of Speech: Walking and Running
    Pennsylvania Dutch uses some figures of speech that involve walking and running that are similar to English — how are they different?