Confusing Words Words of the Week

mayna, ohgukka, da view

All 3 words mean ‘view’ in English, but how do you use mayna, ohgukka, and da view?

view / have opinion verb = mayna (to have a set opinion or view about something)
Dayl leit mayna es si immah recht sinn.

view verb = ohgukka (to look at something a certain way; perhaps even by comparing)
Boviah sacha ohgukka vi anri doon.

view noun = da view (an opinion or viewpoint)
Avvah, sell is da letz view.

💡 What’s the Difference?

While all three words look the same in English, mayna is a verb that refers to the action of having a certain (usually set or established) view or opinion about something.

Ohgukka is also a verb, but means to look at something a certain way; perhaps considering and comparing things.

On the other hand, da view is a noun that refers to the viewpoint or opinion itself.