Confusing Words

Need, Must, and Should

When should you use missa and sedda instead of braucha?

Need / Braucha

Braucha is used when someone needs something (item, “product”).

? Tip: Can you buy it, gain it, or possess it?


  • Miah braucha ess-sach.
  • Miah braucha encouragement.
  • Ich brauch en pen.

Missa and Sedda

Both missa (must) and sedda (should) are used when someone needs to do something.

? Tip: Are you talking about an action that needs to be done?

Examples (missa/must)

  • See muss zu da shtoah gay.
  • Si missa gay breddicha.
  • Eah hott missa sei haus butza.

Examples (sedda/should)

  • Miah sedda gay si encouragement gevva.
  • Eah sett sei hoah sheahra.

Note: braucha, missa, and sedda are the unchanged verbs (infinitive form). Like any other verb, they will need to be changed based on who is doing it.