Words of the Week

Meeting Parts Names

The midweek meeting format was updated in January 2024. Here are the names of the sections and parts in Pennsylvania Dutch.

The format of the midweek meetings were updated in January 2024, and with that, some of the names of the sections and parts have been adjusted. This means that some of the translated Deitsh names have been updated as well.

Midweek Meeting (Deichdivoch Fasamling)

Our Christian Life and Ministry = Unsah Ministry un Vi Miah Layva

Treasures From God’s Word = Treasures Funn di Bivvel
  • The Treasures Talk = Da Treasures Talk
  • Spiritual Gems = Spiritual Gems Keshtlichi Sacha

Apply Yourself to the Field Ministry = Fa Bessah Vadda in di Ministry
  • Starting a Conversation = En Conversation Shteahra
  • Following Up = Viddah Zrikk Gay
  • Making Disciples = Yingah Macha
  • Explaining Your Beliefs = Dei Glawva Ekshplayna
Living as Christians = Fa Layva vi Christians
  • Congregation Bible Study = Congregation Bivvel Shtoddi