Confusing Words Words of the Week

shpringa and shprenga

What’s the difference between the Deitsh words shpringa and shprenga?

Both of the words shpringa and shprenga are verbs (action words) that mean to run.

Shpringa verb = to run (as in movement, or to work and function)

Shprenga verb = to run (as in to operate something else)


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Use shpringa when you’re talking about running (movement).

Ich shtay uf free meiyets so’s ich shpringa kann.

’S hutshli shpringd.

You can also use shpringa when you’re talking about something that is operating (working/running).

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’Sis gans laut koss di generator am shpringa is.


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Use shprenga when you’re talking about operating something else—usually a piece of equipment or a machine.

Da Colton is di generator am shprenga.

See shprengd’s vesha machine Moondawks.

Du bisht dei maul am shprenga!